Have an Active Maintenance Agreement?

Here’s How to Get Your New Version

One of the many benefits of having an active Snagit Maintenance Agreement is that you get to upgrade to the latest version of Snagit for FREE. 

The new Snagit 2023 is your shortcut to send personalized video messages, optimize your workflow, and work seamlessly across platforms by putting your Snagit library on the cloud drive of your choice.

To access your free upgrade, use one of the following methods:

Check your TechSmith Account

After you sign in to your TechSmith Account:

  1. Click the ‘My Products’ tab
  2. Find and copy your Snagit 2023 software key
  3. Download your software and paste in your new key when prompted during the installation process.

Check your email for an 
upgrade notification

Search your email for a message with the subject line "You get the new Snagit for free!" to find instructions.

Ask your IT/Admin

If your organization purchased Snagit on your behalf and you are unsure of your Maintenance status, please contact your IT/Admin for assistance.

See what’s new in Snagit 2023

Your Maintenance agreement includes access to premium support channels, major and minor updates, and the Snagit Certification course.

Be clear, be seen, be heard

Snagit 2023 makes it possible to get the same experience and connection of a meeting without the calendar wrangling.

Screen Draw
Draw on your screen as you record a video. Use arrows, squares, and step numbers in customizable colors to highlight important information on your screen.

Record your screen and your camera at the same time. Change the shape and size of your camera video. Toggle it on and off or move around the screen while you record.

Share with anyone, anywhere

Snagit 2023 puts you in control of your content. Instantly create a shareable link or upload your content directly to the apps you use every day.

Toolbar Presets
Optimize your time with sharing presets for your go-to workflows.

Share Link
Create a shareable link to your screenshots and videos in just one click.

Collaborate on your time

Snagit 2023 + Screencast keeps the conversation going with features designed for asynchronous collaboration.

Organize your videos into collections your team can contribute and subscribe to.

Leave comments, annotations, and emojis on your images or specific points in a video.


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