Words alone aren't the best way to communicate, and in many cases, using text only to explain something can be downright inefficient.
Businesses that adopt more engaging visual communication stand to gain a lot of time and money.

To get a clearer idea, check out the infographic to see exactly how much you could gain from using visuals.



Okay, but what does all that really mean?


It means our brains are hardwired to process images quickly. And THAT means that in many cases, images will work better than words when trying to get your message across.

Thankfully, Snagit makes incorporating visuals in your everyday communications EASY. And with the Snagit 2019 release, you’ll enjoy features that make creating visuals even easier.
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Visual communication helps you quickly get your point across and avoid confusion — saving you time.
Download the Infographic
That's where Snagit comes in.


Snagit allows you to quickly create high-quality images and videos all in one program, which makes visual communication a breeze. And with Snagit 2019, you’ll be able to more easily future-proof the content you create and clearly demonstrate steps in a process.

Plus, new research commissioned by TechSmith reveals that failing to focus on visual communication threatens productivity and engagement levels.

The research found that by using more visual content such as screenshots, screencasts, images, videos, and GIFs in employee communications, businesses could unlock more than $167 billion in productivity.

That’s a huge number, but what does that mean for individual businesses? 



Snagit 2019 arrives October 23rd!