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Introduced in Camtasia 2021 and available in more recent versions of Camtasia, users can easily add videos to their Panopto library directly from the Camtasia video editor.  This feature provides users with a seamless and secure process for editing and managing videos and will save you time by streamlining your workflow.

Using Camtasia’s export feature, users simply click on the Panopto export destination to upload videos directly to Panopto. From there, Camtasia videos can be organized and shared like any other video within Panopto.

The TechSmith Camtasia and Panopto partnership makes it easy for users to leverage Camtasia’s best-in-class video editing tools and easy-to-use screen recording with Panopto’s industry-leading video management system for enterprises and higher education institutions.

 Camtasia integrates with Panopto as an export option, creating an easier and more streamlined workflow.

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TechSmith and Ponopto are dedicated to providing world-class customer satisfaction and support, especially as it relates to easing the transition from Knowmia Enterprise to Panopto.

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