An Experiment to Build an Async-First Culture


Discover how to reduce meeting fatigue with asynchronous communication to overcome the challenges of flexible, hybrid, and remote work.

Flexible Work Demands  Innovation 

Meetings are getting impossible to coordinate. Schedules rarely align, and bouncing from call to conference room leaves no time for actual work to get done.

How do we have fewer, better meetings? We decided it was time to reboot our meeting culture and communication norms at TechSmith.

So we embarked on a company-wide "async-first" experiment. Employees were allowed to cancel all their meetings for a month, and we collected data and feedback to see what was working and what wasn't.


Increase in employees who felt more productive


Increase in the perceived importance of meetings


Said they would consider replacing in-person meetings in the future

 Ready to Embrace
 Asynchronous Communication? 

This report covers key takeaways from our month-long experiment, plus how and why we set it up. You'll learn:

  • Honest feedback from employees about the benefits and challenges of collaborating asynchronously

  • When it makes sense to use asynchronous communication (and when it doesn't)

  • How to take an "async-first" approach in your own organization

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