What will you learn?

Discover the five common types of meetings that make moving work forward harder than it needs to be, why they happen, and most importantly, practical ways to keep them off your calendar.

The metrics update that became a data dump

The project demo that turned into stakeholder roulette

The "How do I...?" that derailed your day

The feedback request that turned into a free-for-all

The mystery meeting with no context

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See how small changes to the way you share information can help you reclaim your time and sanity at work.

 5 Time-Wasting Meetings  and How to Get Them   Off Your Calendar

Move work forward from anywhere

From grabbing a screenshot to recording a video message, Snagit helps speed up everyday communication tasks.

5 Time-Wasting Meetings and How to Get Them Off Your Calendar

Who is this guide for?

Anyone looking to create more space in their day for the work that really matters. We'll help you leverage simple asynchronous video messages to share information more effectively and cut down on those back-to-back meetings.