Boise State University - Case Study

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The Situation

Boise State was at a crossroad. Old lecture capture hardware was aging out, and unsustainable to manage. Faculty and students weren't using it.



Learn how Boise State evaluated and selected the software-based solution that not only increased usage across campus, but also raised student engagement.

A Need for Change

Boise State realized they needed a better solution. They needed to re-think whether supposed "key" criteria was actually promoting - or impeding - a successful video solution.

Results & ROI

After a thorough evaluation of various tools, Boise State selected the best and rolled it out, campus-wide. Now they have a six times greater adoption rate, reducing their cost per user by over 99%.

"We needed to think out of the box a little bit to see where that leads," explained Leif Nelson, Director of Learning Technology Solutions.

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Learn how they improved lecture capture usage, ROI, and student outcomes by ditching their hardware-based video platform.

See how Boise State University:

• Saved $350,000 annually

• Gained 6x greater adoption rate

• Lowered cost per user by 99%

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